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We would like to automate an agent procedure for one client tied to an antivirus application. One client utilizes Cylance, and instead of installing manually whenever we are informed a new machine has been added into the corresponding group, we want the package to scan and install to machines that do not already have the package installed. This may be just adding an if then statement? and tying to a policy?
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  • Jessica Chindemi
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    You can do this by creating the install procedure and tying it into monitoring to execute the script upon new agent check in. Once the procedure is created, go to Monitor > Agent Monitoring > Alerts > select "New Agent Installed" from the drop down and then check the box for the machine group, and check the box for "Run Script" then select agent procedure and choose the install procedure you created.

    You can use this same New Agent Checkin scripting option to automate other on boarding tasks if you create separate procedures for each and then a master procedure that calls out to the other procedures. There are examples of this type of thing on the exchange that were posted by Oscar from Kaseya. 

    Good luck and happy automating!

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