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Report for Clients

edited June 20 in Request
I'd like to have a report to give my clients weekly. This report would include information for each machine with the agent on it. Name, uptime, AV status/last scan, HDD space available and used, RAM, Processor, general machine health, etc. Maybe something that can let us show/hide certain information. Just something to show clients that may not submit many tickets that we are monitoring them and taking preventative steps to keep their company optimized. I'd like to be able to output an excel file to an email and have each company in different tabs or be able to run the report per company.
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  • James Sanders
    James Sanders Member
    edited August 2019

    I second this request.  Client-facing reports...

  • Lance Tenhoopen
    Lance Tenhoopen Member CHOCOLATE MILK
    edited August 2019

    Agreed. Client facing reports helps perception of value. Login/logout reports as well for PC's residing on domain (event ID 7002/4264, etc)

  • Dwayne Leininger
    edited June 2020

    I manage a third party product that offers the client a view of the data.  We recently launched our Kaseya VSA and BMS integration and are looking for beta users to help us work through the kinks of these integrations.  Check us out at captainschairit.com.  Mention you want to be part of the Kaseya trial and we'll work out a special promotion.