Windirstat installer
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Product Name: Windirstat installer

Description : Need to work out quickly what the largest files are on a system or what is consuming all the Hard Drive space, this handy script will download and install Windirstat. A shortcut can be deployed to Users Directory (by default the Public Users Desktop but can be quickly edited for your environment).

Note: The application deployment has a dependency on 7 Zip being installed which can be downloaded from my scripts (details in the instructions).

Instructions :

Import the Procedure via either the Import Center or through the Import Folder\Procedure option in the Agent Procedure Module.  Once available the procedure can be scheduled directly or alternatively called within another procedure via the executeProcedure statement.

This Agent Procedure has a dependency on the 7 Zip installer which can be downloaded from here and the script will need to be updated on line 9 to add the 7-zip script.  Line 12 will require the associated VBS script to be uploaded to the Manage Files Directory.

Note:  On Windows 10 machines the shortcut will be added to the Public User Desktop directory but will not be published to the other user directories but can be modified.  on earlier Windows system the shortcut will be published to all User Desktops