Multi Monitor Screenshot
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Product Name: Multi Monitor Screenshot

Description : This Agent Procedure will deploy a Screenshot utility to the system and run the screenshot batch file to take the screenshot. The screenshot will be uploaded to the Documents directory within Kaseya and will be overwritten each time the AP runs unless configured differently (details in the instructions).

Instructions :

Import the Procedure via either the Import Center or through the Import Folder\Procedure option in the Agent Procedure Module.  Once available the procedure can be scheduled directly or alternatively called within another procedure via the executeProcedure statement.

Line 12 will require the associated Screenshot.bat script to be uploaded to the Manage Files Directory and associated within the script.


  • Chris
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    I've tested this and it doesnt work.

    I'm getting this:

    AILED in processing THEN step 3, Get File, with error File Open Failed, Getting status of c:\kworking\NirCMD\ECHO is on.--_1656.jpg (Line 19)

    any thoughts?
  • Stephen Funari
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    As currently published, this is for 64 bit systems (there is a 32 bit version from nirsoft).

    Line 19 is using an incorrect path structure for getFile?. It was ..\Docs\Screenshots\#jpegname#. I used Screenshots\#jpegname#. But this put it in the Screenshots folder under Getfiles under the agents GUID under userprofiles on the VSA.

    Maybe if the path would have been ..\Docs it would have worked or maybe the folders need to exist prior?. I did not test it.

    I removed line 16 (ifuser...) as well. It gave me trouble on some machines

  • RickHoskins
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    THis is working great in a Virtual with 1 screen but on the live system with 3 screens, it gets as far as making the jpgname.txt but the jpg's never show up on the system. Any Ideas?