Procedure to Install OpenDNS on OS X

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Product Name: Procedure to Install OpenDNS on OS X

Description : Procedure Installs OpenDNS client on OS X devices. Does not require that the user have admin rights, and does not cause a reboot.
Requires pointing or making the OpenDNS package available, as well as the plist file provided by OpenDNS in the OS X download page for each client. Please update the paths in the script to reflect your package and plist path.

Instructions :

Script used to mass deploy OpenDNS agent on OS X - to use with other clients, point to a different plist file, obtained from the OpenDNS website for each customer. Plist file is inside the Zip file for installer for OS X for each customer.

This script runs using system credentials, so it does not require user interaction or permissions. Does not cause a reboot. I deploying in large batch