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VSA Procedure Documentation Tool

Glenn Barnas
Glenn Barnas Member, Kaseya Certified CHOCOLATE MILK
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Product Name: VSA Procedure Documentation Tool

Description : The Procedure Documentation Tool creates a plain-text copy of any Kaseya procedure. This can be helpful when documenting your procedures or diagnosing a particularly tough issue. It is often helpful to be able to view more than one screen of your procedure, and the MSP Builder Procedure Documentation Tool provides that solution! Key features include:
• Automatically detects and switches between Service Desk or Agent Procedure syntax.
• Automatically detects Folder Exports and extracts every procedure into a separate document.
• All generated files are plain text for direct printing and simple importing into other applications, documents, and web pages.
• The procedure name is extracted directly from the procedure, and all output files are prefixed with “Procedure” for easy grouping by type.
• Every output file contains a header with the procedure name and type. Agent Procedures also include any available summary data in the header.
• An “all” parameter is available to process all procedures found in the working folder.

Instructions :

Note - this is NOT a Kaseya Procedure - it is a standalone script that converts exported Procedure.XML files back into the format you see on the screen - useful for documenting or troubleshooting your procedures. No installation is required - just extract the script from the ZIP file into a folder.


This is a command-line tool. Start by launching a command line window, then navigate to the folder where you placed the tool files.
Copy your exported procedure files to this folder, or export them directly to this folder.
Generate a Single Documentation File
KDOC.BAT <name of procedure.XML>
A TXT file will be created in the folder. If the source file is a Folder export, then one TXT file for each procedure in the folder export file will be created.
Generate All Documentation Files
KDOC.BAT --all
Generate and View Documentation Files
Specify the “--d” argument on the command line. As each .TXT File is generated, it will be displayed on the screen. A “Press any key to continue:” message will be presented after the TXT file is displayed.
More information and an alternate download source is available at our website - http://www.mspbuilder.com

Example Output

Procedure Name: Disjoin from Domain - REBOOT
Procedure Type: Agent
 Forcibly disjoin from a domain, add to Workgroup
 Prompts for workgroup name, defaults to WORKGROUP if not specified.

    1 | // Prompt for workgroup name
    2 | getVariable("Prompt", "Enter the new Workgroup name, default is &quot;WORKGROUP&quot;", "WGName", "All Operating Systems", "Halt on Fail")
    3 | // Copy the domain disjoine script and then execute it
    4 | writeFile("VSASharedFiles\BAT_Scripts\DomDisjoin.bat", "#vAgentConfiguration.AgentTempDir#\DomDisjoin.bat", "All Operating Systems", "Halt on Fail")
    5 | executeShellCommand("#vAgentConfiguration.AgentTemp...", "Execute as System", "All Operating Systems", "Halt on Fail")
    6 | // Remove the script to prevent further use
    7 | deleteFile("#vAgentConfiguration.AgentTempDir#\DomDisjoin.bat", "All Operating Systems", "Halt on Fail")
    8 | Reboot("All Operating Systems", "Halt on Fail")