SQL Backup to Fileshare

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Product Name: SQL Backup to Fileshare

Description : Provide a managed SQL Backup for your Customers. Easy integration and customization.
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Instructions :

  1. Download zip File
  2. unpack zip File
  3. import SQL Backup to Fileshare.xml to your KServer 
  4. Under System/server management/ Import-Center -> New Import
  5. You find the script now under Agent Procedures/ Plan/Create / Shared /Import Center
  6. customize the following lines - zip file / db-fileshare.png
  7. Schedule your Procedure on your DB Server
  8. Done


  • smueller72
    smueller72 Member, IT Pro CHOCOLATE MILK

    Hi, thanks for this; it's a great starting point. However, I'm looking for some advice on how best to tweak this so that I can accomplish the following:

    1. make the UNC path on the server it's running on use the IP or computername of the system the procedure is running on.
    2. change the patch where the actual data files I need to backup are located. These are not in the standard SQL folder but, are consistent across each system I want to backup.
    3. compress the files either before or in transit to the file share on my backup server to save time and space
    4. place the backup files in a variable location on the file share based on the market the server is in and a subfolder within that market folder for the specific system being backed up(e.g. OHIO-Brunswick-DBBackups would be what I would want to put the backups for that specific location.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.