Personally Identifiable Information Scan

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Product Name: Personally Identifiable Information Scan

Description : Personal Identifiable Information Scan will run on your endpoints' User folders to scan for any file containing a Social Security or Credit Card number. It will then write the output into a file name after the computer name and transfer it to a network location.
For Windows only.

Instructions :

Import the agent procedure and edit "UNC Path" line 14 to the network location of your choice. Make sure to remove the "" as they are not supported. 

The procedure creates a powershell script that will then be ran to perform the scan. Make sure the endpoints can run powershell scripts. If the endpoint cannot, you can add an "executeShellCommand()" at the beginning of the script to execute "Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned" as admin or system. You can do the same command with "Set-ExecutionPolicy Restricted" at the end of the script to block powershell scripts again.


  • Nick S
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    Hello, how do i increase the path output characters? In its current form its giving the first 36 characters of the path info for files that it finds.

  • Kaseya Automation Team
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    Nick, I updated the script to expand the path. Let me know if this is how you want it.
  • Nick S
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    Thanks for making that change! this was really eye opening to some internal departments!! it started a great discussion and a change to how we do things internally!
  • Tom Johsnon
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    I can not figure out how to change the output file to go to a network share.

  • Docpyro
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    This is not a direct answer to your question but the info may help.

    This will write to the "Agent Procedure Log" (slightly confusingly).

    You can see this log in 3 places:

    1. Agent Tab -> Agent Logs. Select the machine and select the "Agent Procedure Log"
    2. Hover over the agent icon until the Quick View window appears. You can the select the Agent Procedure Log there
    3. Hover over the agent icon, select "Live Connect". When that page loads, you can go to the Agent Data tab and again, select the Agent Procedure Log there

  • Al Alper
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    edited November 2020

    I have modified it to send the output file via email to our PSA. Question, other than CC and SSN, has there been an update to this script for any other PII we can scan for (e.g. ePHI, DoB,, etc.)??

  • Ryan Pirchio
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    edited March 2021

    How do i modify the output location in the procedure