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Passly Windows Logon Provider: Install/Uninstall

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edited July 14 in Solutions

Product Name: Passly Windows Logon Provider: Install/Uninstall

Description : These procedure will allow you to deploy Passly on your Windows environment from the VSA. It will prompt for the HomeRealm, Client ID and Client Key in order to automate the entire process. (Make sure to not enter "https://" when entering the Homerealm as it will install anyway but will fail to connect to your server)
The listing also contains a procedure to uninstall Passly from the endpoint.

Instructions :

Upload the procedure with the Import Folder/Procedure tool in the Agent Procedures module under Schedule / Create

Passly requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 prior to installation, you can find a procedure to automate this process at: https://automationexchange.kaseya.com/products/432 

You can download the latest VSA Agent Procedure from the link below.