TitanHQ WebTitan

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Product Name: TitanHQ WebTitan

Description : A DNS Filter and Malware Blocker for MSP's. Save on Customer Support Time and Prevent Malware Infecting your Customers Endpoints. Now integrated with Kaseya.

TitanHQ has been working with Managed Service Providers globally since 1999 and currently partner with over 1,500 of them globally. We developed WebTitan for the MSP sector to meet the specific requirements of the SMB marketplace.

We protect 7,500 businesses and work daily with over 1,500 MSP’s. We protect your customers from malware, ransomware, phishing, viruses, botnets and other cyber threats. Most importantly our products were built from the ground up with MSP’s for MSP’s. We save MSP’s support and engineering time by stopping problems at source while also providing ideal products to sell in your technology stack.

For more information: www.TitanHQ.com

Instructions :

        Deploying Agent

  1. Select Agents→Manage Agents from the left navigation pane

  2. Deploy Agent – will download the KcsSetup.exe

  3. Install the agent on any computer you want to be discoverable in Kaseya Command Console

    Installing a 3rd Party App
    1. Expand Remote Control from the left hand navigation pane

    2. Select Preinstall

    3. Select the remote computer (win-otg-test-laptop)