Zoom Installer

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Product Name: Zoom Installer

Description : This agent procedure will silently install Zoom on any Windows endpoint.

For additional switches during install, you may refer to this page and add them to the second line of the procedure.

Instructions :

Upload the procedure with the Import Folder/Procedure tool in the Agent Procedures module under Schedule / Create


  • Todd Thorson
    Todd Thorson Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    I get an error with this (Nov 2022) - "You're trying to decode an invalid JSON string" and it wont import. Thoughts?

  • Glenn Barnas
    Glenn Barnas Member, Kaseya Certified CHOCOLATE MILK

    Bad / old XML format - edit in Notepad and change "ScriptExport" to "ScExport" at top and bottom.

    It's just 2 lines - download and run the MSI -