Screen Saver Management

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Product Name: Screen Saver Management

Description : This is a set of agent procedures to retrieve and change the screen saver settings.
The procedure "ScreenSaver check" requires some custom field to be created before hand, the exact names will be provided in the instructions.
The other procedures will allow you to manipulate registry keys to change the screen saver settings.
The procedure to set the time out duration can be modified to change the default time of 15 minutes. Line 2 needs to be edited and "900" needs to be replaced with the new duration in seconds.

Instructions :

  • Create 4 different string custom fields named: "ScreenSaver", "ScreenSaver TimeOut", "Password Complexity" and "Secure ScreenSaver"
  • Upload the procedure (xml file) with the Import Folder/Procedure tool in the Agent Procedures module under Schedule/Create 
  • Run the required procedures


  • Norberto
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    edited December 2019

    What is the difference between ScreenSaver and Secure ScreenSaver?

  • Kiran
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     Secure ScreenSaver will prompt you for your password when it detects any activity

  • Branden Hudson
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    This would come in handy with our non AD clients. However the XML will not import for me. It's not seeing it as a valid XML file. We are on SaaS.

    [email protected] Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    Yeah having the same issue with importing