Logoff Specific User - Mistakenly Left Logged In

Mohit Makkar
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Product Name: Logoff Specific User - Mistakenly Left Logged In

Description : Logoff Specific User, when disconnected or have been idle since more than 15 Min, Script needs to be scheduled to run on the desired machines at an interval of 15 min for continuous check.

Instructions :

Replace username "noc" with your specific username that you would like to logoff.


  • Patrick McLoughlin
    edited January 2019

    Will this logoff all disconnected users on Windows 10 and Windows 7?

  • Your Name
    Your Name Member
    edited January 2019

    just the single username specified in the script

  • Al Alper
    Al Alper Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    Can this be accomplished with monitor sets to monitor for idle timeout and then run a script to either lock the desktop of logoff the user

  • tom@tbkconsulting.biz
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    I don't think you can use a monitor set for this, a brief Google Search does not turn up any performance monitor counters that are tracking a user's idle time (there are for computer and disk and network idle time, but nothing for user idle time) that I can find anyways. Maybe someone else knows if there is a specific counter for this?

    This is what you would need in order to use a Monitor Set, and from there it would be simply run a command line to lock the PC or do a shutdown, etc.