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Douglas Sanchez
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Product Name: Rename Win PC

Description : This agent procedure will rename the agent’s hostname via a Powershell script.

It will prompt for the new hostname, username/password of a local admin, and whether you want to reboot or not. Once scheduled, it will create a Powershell script on the endpoint and rename it. The changes will not take effect until the endpoint is restarted.

Instructions : Please see attached PDF for Installation Instructions


  • Michael Persch
    edited November 2018

    Does anyone know if this may cause an issue for domain accounts? Typically if the PC name is changed on a Domain PC and you do not restart immediately, when the computer locks it cannot be unlocked by a domain account until after the computer has been restarted. Before a restart, any domain account will fail to sign in citing an issue with the domain trust relationship. I would like to deploy this script remotely whenever suites me best, but I don't want to run through a number of PCs and start receiving calls and tickets for people thinking they're locked out.

  • Jeremy  Graham
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    @Michael... Did you test this? If so, was the rename successful? Any issues with domain computers? The same questions you asked, i too would like to know before i attempt to run this. 

  • Michael Kaplan
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    I am trying to test this script now and it doesn't appear to be working.  The script is running, the PC reboots, but the name doesn't change.  The agent procedure logs say the script went fine.  I can't find anything in the Event Viewer that says if there was even an attempt to change the hostname.  Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

  • Dor Einy
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    Michael Kaplan

    Same here

  • David
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    Quick fix, Line 11 is  running as user. Change it to run as system and it will work.

    When i was running the parts manually I noticed that as user it does not have elevation, and it needs it

  • Dor Einy
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    Thank you very much, David.
  • Frank Walek
    Frank Walek Member
    edited May 20

    This script is not working for me. I've been testing on a domain joined computer. The script runs, reboots, no name change.

    I applied the fix suggested by David, updated Line 11 to run as system. No name change. Does it not work with a domain joined computer?

  • Ben Gilbertson
    Ben Gilbertson Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    No, it does not work with Domain Joined machines. I am still trying to figure it out, has anyone else run across a working script