Windows 10 Release Number Version 2.0

Sidney Sahdala
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Product Name: Windows 10 Release Number

Version: 2.0

Description : NEW AND IMPROVED... okay... just updated to work with Windows 10 after 1909. Many VSA admins used this and I got a lot of good feedback. However, if the release number of Windows 10 was greater than 1909 then the result would always be 2009. This is because Microsoft changed the Registry Key that stores the version of Win10 greater than 1909. This was modified to fix that problem. It now checks both keys.

This Agent Procedure finds the release number of Windows 10 installed (1803, 1809, 1903, 20H1, 21H2 etc.) then document the results to the asset, in the Audit module, to a custom field.

Clients have asked me for this because the build version of Windows is different from the release number. For example: Windows 10 Build 17134 is release 1803 and you don't see this even if you run 'systeminfo' on a Windows 10 computer. However this information is in the registry.

This Agent Procedure will get the number and add it to a custom field documenting it to the endpoint. Now you can create Views, Report on it, and even help automate the upgrade.

Instructions :

This Agent Procedure requires that you create a Custom
Field in the Audit Module called Release Number of type String. You can create Custom Fields in the Audit module by going to:

VSA > Audit > View Individual Data > Machine

After you create the field, import the Agent Procedure and execute it
against your endpoints. After the Agent Procedure runs, it will populate the
Custom Field with the Release Number.

To import the Agent Procedure go to:

VSA > Agent Procedures > Schedule / Create

Next, select any folder which you have rights to add Agent
Procedures to and right click on it.

Select Import Folder/Procedure and upload the
extracted XML file provided in the zip file you downloaded from the Automation


  • Richard Gericke
    edited September 2019

    Worked great and just want I was looking for. Thank you!

  • Brad Hamner
    Brad Hamner Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    This gets past the 1909 and but lists 21H1, etc. as 2009. Any advice?

  • Sidney Sahdala
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    @Brad Hamner Are you sure you downloaded this version. Microsoft changed the location in the registry where they store this information. My old post was never deleted (I cannot delete) and you may have downloaded that one. Please download and import this one as it has logic in it to get the appropriate Release Number. The agent procedure should show up as the same name but with 2.0 at the end of the agent procedure name. If it still persists, then I'll take a closer look. Maybe Microsoft made another change.



  • Joel Goodfellow
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    Hi Sidney,

    Will this work with Windows 11 machines?

    Kind Regards,