VSA Agent Utilization Report and Summary

Steven Shulze
Steven Shulze Member, Kaseya Certified
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Product Name: VSA Agent Utilization Report and Summary

Description : This report provides a detailed look at VSA utilization, providing the total deployed agents, a breakdown of the agent count by machine group, and an overview of each machine group with details on agent check-in to help manage orphaned agents.

The summary provides the total agent utilization as well as the total agents deployed per machine group.


  • Luke  Cook
    Luke Cook Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    Is there a way to find out the agent changes from last month? Like which clients has increases/decreases?

  • Glenn Barnas
    Glenn Barnas Member, Kaseya Certified CHOCOLATE MILK

    Luke - if this is still needed and unresolved, reach out directly as we have a tool to provide our clients with agent counts by client and machine type in CSV format. Makes billing and reporting a breeze.