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Cyberfish Phishing Protection & Email Security

Eugene Geht
Eugene Geht Member
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Product Name: Cyberfish Phishing Protection & Email Security

Description : Cyberfish is a zero-second phishing protection solution that combines Computer Vision and AI to stop phishing emails and websites in real-time before they have been reported and added to the blacklists. Cyberfish stops malicious emails from reaching the target employee.

Cyberfish provides protection from Spear Phishing, Credential Theft, BEC, CEO Fraud, SPAM and Ransom attacks. Cyberfish offers a simple yet powerful management and reporting console - with multi-tenant support.

Deploying Cyberfish on either Office 365 or G-Suite takes less than 40 seconds.

Cyberfish has made a commitment to be the most powerful phishing protection in the marketplace, with the absolute best user experience.
The Cyberfish platform is the result of dozens of MSPs’ feedback, tailor-made for MSPs. We have built a next-generation phishing protection platform, with an exceptional phishing protection mechanism, all packaged with a competitive price tag.

Cyberfish’s approach to partner success makes it easy to sell, deploy, manage, and support customer email security while achieving high margins and new recurring revenue through branded and white label programs.

Cyberfish provides seamless integration with Kaseya. It allows you to easily manage, track and resolve phishing incidents within the Kaseya VSA console by creating tickets for connected companies when phishing incidents are detected.

Instructions :

Cyberfish Kaseya Integration Documentation