Uninstall Win10 Software/Program by Name

Travis Atkinson
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Product Name: Uninstall Win10 Software/Program by Name

Description : This script will remove a program from Windows machines by name. The name entered for removal must match the name that shows up in Add/Remove programs module on Windows machine.
Note: I have not used this for programs requiring a restart after uninstall. However, I believe you can add the -norestart argument to line 6 if needed.
Note: May not work to uninstall all .exe software (not installed withMSIExec) Adding ExecuteShellCommand "C:\Program Files or x86\xx\uninstallexe /s" to proceedure may help with this.

Instructions :

Example/Use Case:  My org uses NordVPN for some cases.  They release updates quite frequently and I find that before installing the new version, removing the old version provides a cleaner install and less issues (or visibility to the end user).  I simply choose the machines I want to run it on, click Run Now, then you will be prompted to enter the software name.  In this example, it is "NordVPN Teams".  


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    Can you add some instructions for policy | procedures | custom fields?