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Install AppX package

Jeffrey Member
edited January 24 in Solutions

Product Name: Install AppX package

Description : With this procedure, you have a template to install AppX packages with. This is useful for deploying Microsoft Store apps without Intune.

Instructions :

  1. Get a Microsoft Store URL, like this one from Microsoft Todo: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/microsoft-to-do-lists-tasks-reminders/9nblggh5r558
  2. Go to https://store.rg-adguard.net/ and fill in the Microsoft Store URL. Press the checkmark to continue.
  3. Find the latest version of the app in an appxbundle (not an eappxbundle!). Copy the link to the 'URL' variable of the AP, and copy the file name to the 'Package' variable of the AP.
  4. Run the AP to a test machine to see if it worked. 

A few remarks (via trial and error testing, I am by no means an expert on appx deployment)

  • eappxbundle (encrypted appxbundle) files do not seem to deploy.
  • Needs to run as user, otherwise it throws out an error.