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Audit or Monitor Shodan Results in Kaseya VSA

Pieter Jorritsma
Pieter Jorritsma Member DECAF
edited January 24 in Solutions

Product Name: Audit or Monitor Shodan Results in Kaseya VSA

Version: 1.1

Description : This procedure is getting the Shodan Results (vulnerabilities) of the Public IP address listen as 'Gateway Address' on the agent.

Kaseya Customer Value: Represents the Public IP-address to check with Shodan if there are vulnerabilities
End Value: Use the results to improve security by resolve the listed CVE's.

Why: You can monitor if you Public IP-Address is vulnerable

1) Custom Field 'Shodan' (Optional)
2) Require PowerShell v4 or higher
3) Require a API Key from Shodan

Instructions :

1. Import the agent procedure "XML files" into Kaseya VSA > Agent Procedures.

2. Upload "Get-ShodanStatus.ps1" to your Kaseya Shared Files. Be sure to edit the lines see instruction guide.

3) Register a Shodan for a API Key 'Click here'

If you have question please let me know.

Please see attached pdf for installation instructions.


  • Zach Becker
    Zach Becker Member
    edited March 2021


    I'm receiving an error on execuition.

    Failed THEN in step 3 (Line 15)

    This is in regards to the powershell version 4 check. Is this checking the Kaseya VSA host for Powershell v 4 or higher, or the end system that I'm scanning? The system I'm testing on has Powershell 5.1.19041.610 installed. I'm using Kaseya SAAS platform for my VSA.



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