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Install Network Glue Collector

Vincent Nees
Vincent Nees Member
edited June 20 in Solutions

Product Name: Install Network Glue Collector

Version: 1

Description : Automatically install a Network Glue Collector to an Agent from the VSA.

Instructions :

The agent procedure requires a credential installed on the agent.

Download the NetworkGlueCollector.msi from IT Glue and upload it to the VSA Agent Procedure file directory (Agent Procedures > Manage Files).

Edit the procedure and change line 4 (writeFile) to where the NetworkGlueCollector.msi file is located.

Afterwards you can run the procedure and it will ask the Admin for the key from Network Glue.


  • bkessler@enetsystems.net
    [email protected] Member, Managed Service Provider CHOCOLATE MILK

    I added this to our VSA. Edited the line 4. It runs and shows success. However it never does install or anything. I am unsure where to even begin to troubleshoot this.