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Advance Disk Monitoring - Enhance LowDisk space alarms into the VSA.

Pieter Jorritsma
Pieter Jorritsma Member DECAF
edited January 24 in Solutions

Product Name: Advance Disk Monitoring - Enhance LowDisk space alarms into the VSA.

Version: 1.0

Description : In the Kaseya VSA you can setup Disk monitoring with Monitor set. But did you know you can enhance those monitor set to give you the options to exclude alarms. This Disk Monitor suite will show you how you can improve Disk Monitoring with Monitor Sets and Agent Procedures.

Business value: Reduce time to resolution and handeling Alarms. Enhance alarm information.
Dependencies: Windows OS and CustomField
Usage: Associate this Agent Procedure to a Low Disk counter (Monitor Set) on drive by "Run Script" in Monitor, Agent Monitoring, Assign Monitoring.

This system for Drive Monitoring uses the following technologies within Kaseya VSA:
- Agent Procedures
- Powershell scripts
- Monitor Sets
- Customfields

Enjoy, customize and adapt this drive monitoring as you want.

Instructions :

This disk monitoring is highly customizable to fit your needs. This lays out the base for Disk monitoring with Kaseya using monitor sets, agent procedures and custom fields. Use the following instructions as is or adapt it and midify it to meet you needs. 

Create two custom fields:

  • DrivesNotMonitored (String)

In this Custom Field you can enter drive letter to be excluded for alerting. Example C D E F

  • Service Contract(String) Default Value Managed)

In this custom field you can use Managed to define disk monitoring is managed or other value to exclude drive monitoring. 

Import Agent Procedure and copy the scripts and update script files to your enviroment:

1) In Kaseya VSA, navigate to Agent Procedures > Managed Procedures > Schedule / Create

2) Create a Folder structure or use an existing folder

3) Right click and select Import Folder/Procedure

4) Import the Procedure Folder Automation.xml in the agent Procedure Folder

5) Click on Managed Files and Upload the following scripts

  • Automation - SD - Get Disk Space.ps1
  • Disk-Cleanup-C-Drive.ps1

6) Open the Agent Procedure that you imported and change the WriteFile to the location where you put the ps1 files.

Import Monitor Sets

1) Navigate to Monitor > Monitor Sets 

2) Right Click and Select Import Monitor Sets

3) Import the two Monitor Sets Policy-Windows (Core) - Alerting on Free Space on C-Drive and Policy-Windows (Core) - Alerting on Free Space on Any Drive.xml for use with the Agent Procedure

Now we imported the agent procedures and monitor set you can create a Policy in Policy Management set the uploaded Monitor sets in the policy and choice by Monitor Sets in a Policy for the option 'Run Script' select the Automation - Alert - Enhance LowDisk Monitoring agent procedure. When you deploy the policy it will use automation to generate alarm in the VSA or if you adapt the agent procedure send a e-mail. 

if you have question let me know :)


  • Grady Parker
    Grady Parker Member
    edited May 2021

    will this monitor set also allow us to monitor the reallocation sector count threshold? monitoring it would help us identify possible HDD failures before they happen.

  • Hello Grady,

    This adv monitoring only focus on Low Disk space alert, it don't monitoring reallocation sector count threshold. But it is possible to build a solution for this with Monitor Sets and filtering with Agent Procedurs.

    If you want monitoring like this hit me up with a message and we can talk about it, I can see than want I can do for you.