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Workstation Uptime Reboot

Kaseya Automation Team
Kaseya Automation Team USMember, Kaseya Certified CHOCOLATE MILK
edited January 24 in Solutions

Product Name: Workstation Uptime Reboot

Description : This monitor set reads the “System Up time” performance counter – once the counter goes above 604800 seconds(7 days), a procedure is triggered as a response. This procedure has a simple workflow of checking user status, if logged in they will be notified and asked to reboot, if not logged in a reboot will be automatically performed. Whichever workflow occurs the step will be logged for reporting purposes. If the user delays or selects no, the procedure will run itself every 30 minutes until the reboot has occurred. Additional alarms will be ignored for 7 days as a cool down to avoid double scheduling from the monitor set.

Instructions :

please see attached PDF for install instructions


  • Jack Senesap
    Jack Senesap Member CHOCOLATE MILK
    edited April 2021

    Not importing into my VSA for some reason.

  • Michael Muratovic
    edited May 2021

    Same, I am unable to import this script.

  • Jiun Heng
    Jiun Heng Member CHOCOLATE MILK
    edited May 2021

    You need to do it from System>>Server Management>>Import Center.

  • Adrian Vicencio
    Adrian Vicencio Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    Do you have the monitor set included on the zip file?

  • Gonzalo Carrillo
    Gonzalo Carrillo Miami, FLMember, Kaseya Certified, Kaseyan, Automation Exchange Administrator


    Hi @Adrian Vicencio

    Could you elaborate a bit further on what you mean?

  • Adrian Vicencio
    Adrian Vicencio Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    Hi @Gonzalo Carrillo,

    After unzipping the files and reading the instructions inside, it says to upload the xml file for monitor set. It is not included on the zip file

  • Brian Honeycutt
    Brian Honeycutt Member, Kaseya Certified CHOCOLATE MILK

    Hi @Adrian Vicencio I am the creator of this procedure, I checked the ZIP contents in the download and the XML appears to be there, I am not sure whats happening when you are downloading and opening the file, can you try re-downloading. If it doesn't show up in the zip it is possible some other solution perhaps doesn't like the XML and is quarantining it?


  • Dave Woodfill
    Dave Woodfill Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    Hey Brian

    Like the others have commented. I import and it doesn't error or anything, just doesn't show in the list.

  • Averill Singh
    Averill Singh Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    Hello @Brian Honeycutt,

    I can extract the zip file and can see the PDF and XML file and even after a successful import, the agent procedure doesn't show up in the list.



  • Brian Honeycutt
    Brian Honeycutt Member, Kaseya Certified CHOCOLATE MILK

    @Averill Singh you cannot import this procedure directly under agent procedures. As mentioned in an earlier comment, you must import the script under System->Server Management->Import Center. The reason why is because it uploads a monitor set and a procedure.