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Disable Windows Local Admin Accounts

Wilki Budiwarman
Wilki Budiwarman Member, Kaseya Certified CHOCOLATE MILK
edited January 24 in Solutions

Product Name: Disable Windows Local Admin Accounts

Description : There are 2 agent procedures that will disable all Windows local admin accounts that are members of the Administrators group. The other will disable a single user account. It also includes a report to list all users that are members of the Administrators group.


  • Steve Boehm
    Steve Boehm Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    FYI I get this error when trying to import this.

    • File was not uploaded due to incorrectly formatted XML. Please export the content to a new XML file and try again.

    This seems to be pretty common with agent procedures lately, so I'm assuming it has something to do with changes made by Kaseya. But I haven't seen a solution for any of the reported errors.

  • NMJtech
    NMJtech North AmericaMember, Managed Service Provider CHOCOLATE MILK

    The Import of this file fails due to invalid XML format.