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Dell RAID Checker via Open Manage

jonathan Member CHOCOLATE MILK
edited August 18 in Product

Product Name: Dell Open Manage RAID Checker


Description: This procedure uses powershell and omreport in Dell OpenManage to get the status of the RAID array, searches the status for possible issues, alerts the admin of the possible issues via the system alert bar in Kaseya then emails the entire report to the admin if problems are found.

Instructions : Make sure Dell Open Manage is installed and configured properly. The "omreport" command must work via powershell

Replace the first "[email protected]" with whatever account you want to be notified via the system notification bar.

Replace the second "[email protected]" with whomever you want to receive the OM report.

Upload the procedure and let it run.

While not necessary, creating a custom column called "RAIDstatus" allows for the omreport to be pushed to the system info but there's usually not enough room to read all the information, hence the email.

I have attached a .zip as well as a .7z

Hope this helps!