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Billing Status of individual Project Tasks

Onno de Vries
Onno de Vries Member, Kaseya Certified
edited August 18 in Product

Product Name: BMS Ad-hoc reporting

Version: 1

Description: Get the Billing Status of individual Project Tasks from BMS, collecting Time Entries on Projects when entered Last Month. Run this report of the first of the new month to get time entries created during the previous month. This means it could also list time entries of time spent before that time range if entered to the system during the previous month. Only this way you are able to collect time entries that you might have missed before because of delayed entry by your engineers.


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Instructions: Download the included '.txt' file, rename that to have the '.wr' extension and upload that to your BMS instance (Reports - Ad-Hoc Reports - Select a folder - Choose Upload in the hamburger menu)