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VSA: Extra prompt\approval required

Andrei Vaniushin
Andrei Vaniushin EstoniaMember CHOCOLATE MILK
edited November 5 in Request


We recently had an incident in the UK whereby one of our Tech Support engineers accidentally pushed a package reinstall script to every asset within the UK. This is because he incorrectly hit the select all button in the deployment pane and then selected run now, when he meant to send to one asset.

This meant that we had a major incident which required full installation of a package for over 400 people, installation of the package on all UK servers and a serious incident that affected the UK organization during the critical month end period.

Unfortunately this is not the first time we have had experience of various teams around the world incorrectly pushing software to a significant number of assets. This has highlighted a problem whereby there is no additional approval level, or even a basic 'are you sure?' prompt that appears when selecting run now against any number of assets.

Is there anything that can be introduced within Kaseya that either displays a prompt saying 'are you sure you want to run on 3000 machines?', or requires a second level of approval to install software on that number of devices?

The best way would be to have this feature as an ENABLE\DISABLE option with some minor settings like a threshold for the amount of assets to pop up a confirmation warning.

Thank you in advance.

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