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Michael Eilers
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I have a feature request.

when you are creating a agent procedure and you need to see what is happening during the script,

you have no way to do this in "easy" way

Now you can make a note in the procedurelog when you start a new line, end when you end the procedure.

But not during the procedure (see picture)

perhaps you can make a new statement that you can activate a sort of debugmode

and saves all to a txt file local or on the vsa

for me it saves a ton of time to find out when things go bad..

and if you can activate it on the procedure is better than a overall option

I hope to see this in a new version


Michael Eilers

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This is not a request for automation but rather a feature request, please submit those via https://helpdesk.kaseya.com/


  • Jonathan Bullock
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    I could see this as having an option to put the procedure in a debug mode.

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