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Windows 11 Notification Suppression

edited June 20 in Request

Would like to see an Agent Procedure to suppress Windows 11 pop up notifcations

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  • jsenesap@rednersmarkets.com
    [email protected] Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    Seriously, trying to find a solution as well.

  • CAmori
    CAmori Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    @Jack Senesap @Nick , There are several blog posts on how to do this, here is a sample: https://winbuzzer.com/2020/07/01/windows-10-how-to-turn-off-notifications-or-notification-sounds-xcxwbt/ (much of it applies to Windows 11 also)

    We took these articles and created a series of scripts to do this for you. They are available on our https://clubmsp.com/ site.

    Here is the direct link: https://clubmsp.com/msp/scripts/windows-notifications/

    Note: ClubMSP is a membership site, and is the world's most extensive collection of Kaseya scripts.

  • ed2018
    ed2018 Member, Managed Service Provider DECAF


    Is ClubMSP updated more / more active than this community is?

  • CAmori
    CAmori Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    @ed2018, YES! I would say it is divided into 2 parts. First part is the common apps (eg, Reader, 7Zip, etc.) that we keep up to date every week (probably 25 or so) so you are hopefully always installing the latest version. 2nd part is the custom scripts that either are requested by our membership or something that we find that we want to publish. Sometimes we go a few weeks without publishing anything "new", simply because we are out of ideas!

    We do review this board looking for ideas, but priority is always given to the membership.

    You can review the scripts we have without joining at  https://clubmsp.com/ . Let me know if you have any additional questions!


  • KaseyaKatie
    KaseyaKatie Member, Administrator, Kaseyan, Kaseya Staff


    One small detail that is important to remember - all scripts that are published here in the Automation Exchange are fully vetted by the Automation Exchange Team to ensure that they work as expected with VSA, including that they do not distribute any malware or spyware, and come from trusted sources. While the average person who has created a script to automate parts of their infrastructure and then have chosen to share those scripts with others MSPs have good intentions, it is always important to be mindful when introducing any script into your environment if you do not know the author, or the script hasn't been vetted as the ones here in Automation Exchange have been.

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