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Malwarebytes OneView integration with Kaseya VSA

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Product Name: Malwarebytes OneView integration with Kaseya VSA

Version: 1.0.0 (Release: March 2022)

Description: The Malwarebytes OneView integration with Kaseya VSA provides the ability to deploy and manage Malwarebytes security and policy settings to Kaseya VSA groups. Administrators can scan, remediate, isolate, and update endpoints across mapped groups.



Please do not rename the VSA file otherwise the installation will fail. The filename should be exactly as it is shown above.


Malwarebytes OneView integration with Kaseya VSA guide

As this post is published in advance, the integration should start rolling out in OneView between 11-18th March 2022. It should appear in Settings under API & Service.

If you do not see it immediately, please be patient as the deployment completes on the OneView platform, then it will be available to all customers.

Getting Started Instructions:

The Malwarebytes OneView integration with Kaseya VSA uses OAuth2 authentication to integrate. OAuth2 credentials with read, write, and execute permissions is required. For more information, see Create OAuth2 credentials for Malwarebytes OneView.

Once created, download the Malwarebytes OneView Integration.vsaz file provided to you. 

To setup integration: 

  1. Log in to Kaseya VSA. 
  2. In the left navigation menu, click License Manager. 
  3. Under the Third Party tab, click Install. 
  4. Click Browse File, select the Malwarebytes OneView Integration.vsaz file. 
  5. Click Open, then click Next twice. 
  6. On the Custom Fields page, enter your: 
    • OneView ClientID
    • OneView Client Secret
  7. Click Next twice, then click Finish. 
  8. Your Malwarebytes OneView Integration card now displays on the left navigation menu.
  9. Click the Malwarebytes OneView Integration card, then click Home.
  10. A notice is shown requesting to allow access. 
  11. Click Allow.


Malwarebytes Support Chat via OneView

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