BitLocker Utilities - Audit and Encrypt your C drive and Removable Drives

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This set contains six Agent Procedures. One to get BitLocker information from the C drive, two to encrypt the C drive, one to encrypt external drives, another to suspend BitLocker for one reboot, and the last to decrypt the C drive.

 1.       Audit - BitLocker Detailed Information

2.       Action - Suspend BitLocker Protection

3.      Config - Disable BitLocker C Drive

4.      Config - Enable BitLocker C Drive (AES256, TPM, Recovery Password, skip Hardware Test)

5.      Config - Enable BitLocker C Drive (AES256, TPM, Recovery Password, with Hardware Test)

6.      Config - Enable BitLocker on External Drive (AES256, No TPM, Recovery Password only)


Step 1: Create the Custom Fields

The first step (before you import the Agent Procedures) is to create the Custom Fields.

You will create seven Custom Fields of type String. The Custom Fields must be named exactly as listed below:

1.      TPM Status

2.      BitLocker Protection Status

3.      BitLocker Key Protector

4.      BitLocker Encryption Method

5.      BitLocker Recovery Key

6.      BitLocker Volume Status

7.      BitLocker Encryption Percentage

To create the Custom Fields, go to VSA > Audit > View Individual Data > Machine Summary

Next, click on the New Custom Field button, enter the Custom Field Name and Select Type String, then press Save.

Your Custom Fields will appear on the bottom of the Summary tab.

Step 2: Import the Agent Procedures

1.       Extract the XML file from the zip you downloaded from the Automation Exchange.

2.      Go to VSA > System > Server Management > Import Center then press the New Import button. (You must use the Import Center to import this)

3.      Give it a name such as BitLocker Utilities. This is just for your reference and is not used anywhere in VSA.

4.      Next, click on the Browse button then navigate and select the XML file you extracted.

5.      Click on the Process button.

6.      The Process button will change to Save. Click on the Save button.

7.      After it imports, you will see it on listed on the screen.

Your new Agent Procedures should now appear in VSA > Agent Procedures > Schedule / Create in the Shared Folders under Import Center.

Detailed documentation is included in the zip file, please read and note the warnings.

As with all Agent Procedures, please test this out on a couple of endpoints and understand how it works before applying it to a lot of production machines.


I have seen this inform the end-user via a pop-up toast that their drive is being encrypted. You may want to warn your end-users that you are doing this otherwise you may get panicked calls with the end-user thinking they got hit by a virus that is encrypting the drive.

Finally, I wanted to thank Markus Malina with his advice and helping me test and improve some of the Agent Procedures in this set.


  • mkmina
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    This procedure is amazing. I noticed when i ran the "Config - Enable BitLocker C Drive (AES256, TPM, Recovery Password, with Hardware Test)" on a couple of machines it is not using 256 encryption method, it is using XtsAes128.

    Is there a way to fix this? do i need to reboot the machine?

    Please advise. Thank you.