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Monitor machine and send an email if user is not logged in on a predefined time.

gandrade Member, IT Pro CHOCOLATE MILK
edited June 20 in Request

I need a monitor set that will trigger an alarm when the user is not logged in to the machine on a predefined time.

Example Process

  1. Create a custom field with the time 8:00 AM
  2. Create an agent procedure that will run on a schedule (in this case, 8:00 AM) and check if a user is logged in to the machine
  3. If the user is not logged in at 8:00 AM, send an email alert to the admin.

Thank you.

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  • tom@tbkconsulting.biz
    [email protected] Member, Managed Service Provider CAPPUCCINO
    edited June 2022

    Would think the best logic would not be a monitor set but rather just a procedure set to run at 8:00 AM w/ the following logic ..

    IF User is Logged in

    DO Nothing


    SEND Email to [email protected] (with your pre-defined message of no user is logged in at #WhateverKaseyaVariableDefinesTheAgentName#

    Of course this can be gotten around by the End User by just leaving the machine logged in all the time (unless you also work on a script that either reboots the machine and hence logs anyone off of it, or one that logs all users off at a pre-defined time as well) ...

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