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Mark Needham
Mark Needham Member CHOCOLATE MILK

Has anyone found a way to enable the Kaseya Agent to always show icon and notifications on windows 10 and 11?

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    [email protected] Member, Managed Service Provider RED EYE

    You mean by other than manually setting the icon to always show ? There would have to be a specific registry key somewhere created for the icon, but given that the agent itself is created with a unique ID ... not a clue if the icon would be similarly created, and to be honest - haven't had a need for it either - Some of our users would be like - what the heck is that icon, please get rid of it!!! Even tho we tell them what it is!

  • Mark Needham
    Mark Needham Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    Thanks Tom, It was worth a try.

    I am migrating to BMS and the less steps for end user the better. You know what they are like.