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Michael Eilers
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What i mis is a simple way to get a real visable message when you need it


a customer has a problem, but the system is off

you do not know when it's turn on and comes online

just right click on the client and choose "get popup when online"

the popup must come vissable once, and it does not matter on what page you are..

the same can be done if you myust wait for a procedure to finish...

just rightclick on the procedure you started, and choose get popup when....

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  • tom@tbkconsulting.biz
    [email protected] Member, Managed Service Provider RED EYE

    You could probably do something similar to this already with online/offline alerts and having the VSA send you a notification in the VSA when the machine comes online, and then some fancy policy management rules and custom fields with a procedure to set the custom field ...

    The procedure would set the custom field for ONLINEALERT, which would then change the status for the Group Policy for that agent so that the Online Alert in the VSA would notify you and a procedure could run after the alert is sent to remove the custom field afterwards so it wouldn't stay in that state and keep notifying you ...

    Albeit it wouldn't be quite as IN YOUR FACE as you mentioned above, but it would work!