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We have multiple banking clients that have auditors asking for specific reports based off of critical patching. I am requesting 2 types of filters to be applied to one report

  1. I need a pie chart that will take into account the total number of computers and show what portion of computers need critical patches
  2. I need to create a simple list of computers that need critical patches. This list needs to show every computer whether it needs a critical patch or not. If no patch is needed the report should show 0.

Currently the only thing I can come up with is the attached report. This report shows a pie chart of all computers missing any patch. The report also shows only computers that are missing critical patches. I have no way to add computers that are not missing critical patches and show a 0 next to the computer.

Please see attached report for reference.



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  • KaseyaKatie
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    @kkoppel - Were you trying to submit a product enhancement request, or are you looking for someone to create an automation to perform this task?