Deploy Fonts to Workstations with Agent Procedure

Michael De La Haye
Michael De La Haye Member CHOCOLATE MILK

I'm looking for a simple way to push font to Windows 10/11 workstations and register them using an agent procedure.

Not all workstations are domain joined so a GPO is not a good option.

I'm sure somebody else has already invested time to solve this challenge.



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  • mgoodingenesis
    mgoodingenesis Member, IT Pro CHOCOLATE MILK

    Hi Michael,

    I am looking for the same thing. Apparently this isn't as easy as Copy [location] to C:\windows\fonts

    I have googled and saw power shell scripts out there, may try downloading the powershell then have kaseya point to the script.

  • Glux
    Glux Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    Do you have a link to the powershell script you were able to get to work?

    [email protected] Member, Managed Service Provider RED EYE
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    Here's a VSA Script for you, make sure to read the comments after importing to change the relevant lines.