VSA Procedure Folders Share Rights Report

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I'd like to run a report that shows the share rights for all the folders in the VSA procedures. Does that exist somewhere?

Right now the only way I know to collect that data is to check each folde, one by one.


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  • If you are on Prem you may want to look at the following tables:

    treeNode, treeNodeConfig and treeNodeSecurity

    There's a function: [Tree].[fnTreeNodeGetNodeChildFolderIDs] in ksubscribers that shows you how to relate those tables together.

    I don't have a report to share (we don't have one) but at least you have a starting point to see if you can make one in SSRS.

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    Thanks very much for that. We have not switched from Kaseya Reporting to SSRS yet, so I'll have to wait until we get that done. It's on the roadmap.