Windows 10/11 remove bloat UWP apps

Eric Peacock
Eric Peacock United StatesMember CHOCOLATE MILK

Version: Windows 10 and 11

Description: Removes pre-installed UWP apps in Windows 10 and 11: uses writeFile to copy powershell scripts to the local computer. Set-ExecutionPolicy to unrestricted. Runs powershell scripts as logged user and as System. Set-ExecutionPolicy back to Default. Deletes powershell scripts from local computer. Windows Store apps listed in the scripts will be removed for current user and any future users who log on to the computer.

Notes: Some items in the default start menu icons are not actually installed apps, and cannot be removed by this procedure.

With the exception of Solitaire, I believe this is the maximum pre-installed apps that are safe to remove. Removing additional system UWP apps, or removing the Store altogether, could break some Windows 10 v1903 or higher base functions.


Download zip file attached to this post.

Copy or upload the powershell scripts (.ps1 files) to your VSA shared files location

Import the XML into your procedures.

Using procedure editor, edit lines 1 and 2 - choose the powershell scripts from your VSA shared files source.