Are Agent Procedures capable of producing a loop?

Compass_Jared Member, Managed Service Provider CHOCOLATE MILK

I want to produce a procedure that fully simplifies chocolatey. One where if you wanted to run multiple installations you could do so while utilizing other pre-built procedures, but there is no way to get results of more than just one installation. My idea was to loop for the technician “How many applications do you want to install?” <input integer> Then prompt for each package name. This would allow for better reporting to the agent procedure log.

Alternatively we can just break it and enter multiple packages. The downside being the reporting doesn't show us every instance of successful installation.


    [email protected] Member, Managed Service Provider RED EYE

    there is a way to do a loop using text files and comparisons of values, etc. but since you want to have the tech input the name of each package install each run through - there is no good way to do this at all currently. Supposedly VSA X when it releases should be able to do this in the new visual scripting.