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Email Assignee when assigned ticket in Vorex

edited June 20 in Request

I'm trying to setup a workflow that when a ticket is assigned to someone that person is emailed a notification of being assigned a ticket.

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  • Glux
    Glux Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    I was able to figure it out and feel a bit daf not seeing the issue sooner. So the only time an employee will be emailed this will be when they are assigned a ticket. We did this for the couple employees that are not on the "helpdesk" so they don't always have Vorex open. Now the "helpdesk" can assign a ticket to them to work on when needed.

    1. Had to set a trigger.
      1. Trigger set for Updated By: Employees
    2. Conditions
      1. Status:
        1. Changed to: Assigned
    3. Conditions
      1. Primary Assignee:
        1. IN: [selected employees that would need to be emailed]
    4. Notifications:
      1. have a email template selected