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Have Agent Procedure Trigger SM Update

Joe Terry
Joe Terry Member, IT Pro CHOCOLATE MILK
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OK, so here are the basics.

We currently have Office 2016 Enterprise installed on all of our systems. It's basically installed based on an extracted DvD that is copied to the PC's and run, and they get the license from our KMS server. We need to upgrade to O365.

Which is basically where the caveat is. In order to have O365 and following updates properly managed by Kaseya, Kaseya Software Management needs to deploy it. (Because KSM currently sucks major donkey balls at updating any software not installed by KSM, and I just keep getting told it's something they're working on.) And we cannot run the KSM or even manual Click-to-Run installers for O365 when the old installers exist on the system.

So I can put together a procedure using powershell and the office cleanup tool to completely remove all previous Office products from a computer, and then perform a restart. The problem is that I am not seeing how I can have it then go and tell KSM to scan and update. I also cannot set a blackout window on scheduling agent procedures, so running all of this on 1200 machines is getting really tricky.

I'm currently considering doing a weekend upgrade where say Friday night the uninstaller runs, and then later we can run force update on KSM to scan and install the missing O365 components.
Again the caveat here is that the agent procedure to remove office must be completed before KSM attempts to run the forced update.

I'm not even going to get into "what about the PC's that weren't online over the weekend", because those special people will just have to be dealt with some other way, or will have to live with their work times being interrrupted because they couldn't follow instructions.😶

TLDR: Is there a way to trigger KSM to force update from inside of an agent procedure? Manually maintaining 1200 PC's is going to be a major PITA. Or is there some better way of doing this that I haven't come across yet?

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