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I am hoping for help with an agent procedure for rolling reboots of 7 servers. First server would need to complete it's entire reboot procedure before the next six machines start rebooting. Ideally I'd want at least 2 of the last 6 servers online at all times.

Anybody have a good example of a procedure like this?

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    Since you cannot run a reboot from a script directly on the machine to be rebooted and continue steps (i.e. - reboot has to be the last step in a script if running the reboot directly on the endpoint) you will need to IMO run the script from the last server that needs to be rebooted in sequence and call the reboot script for each of the prior sequential servers to reboot to run on that remote machine. Then have the script pause for x minutes (enough time for the server rebooting to finish the reboot) then maybe run something to check to make sure that the server is back online (maybe a ping command and check the results to make sure it is answering???) then once it answers repeat for the next server, until you get to the last one with one difference on the last one, just before the reboot call the check server command (make this a whole separate script to call each time you need to check each server) but have it run from the very first server that should have finished rebooting already and have it check the last server after x minutes again, finally reboot the last server.

    I get the above is very simplistic, and some tweaking will probably be needed, but this would be the logic I would use in the Kaseya scripting to accomplish what you want to do. And the logic should hold no matter what groups the servers are in, and work independently of subnets, etc.