Matching Asset Device Types/Categories from VSA to BMS
[email protected] Member, Managed Service Provider CHOCOLATE MILK

We need to be able to categorise client assets by type. VSA classifies them as a Device Type and BMS classifies them as a Category. We sync VSA assets into BMS but VSA cannot automatically match up Device Type to Category. I have been adviced to manually set up a custom Device Type in VSA to match the Category in BMS and re-sync for this to work and in which case I might as well reclassify each asset once it has synced into BMS. The VSA agent actually poles the system information from Windows and records an asset as Notebook or Desktop and then pushes that into BMS but we can't report/filter/search on that field, so it would be great to have the assets categorised in VSA, BMS and also Glue so that we can report/filter/search on the number and type of assets a client has.

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    [email protected] Member, Managed Service Provider RED EYE

    This has ALWAYS irked me, and then compound that when they sync from BMS into IT Glue as well and it does stupid stuff like removing the warranty dates for non-computer assets, etc.