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VSA Procedure / Policy to grab network adapter info Windows XP-11, Server 2003-2021

Compass_Jared Member, Managed Service Provider CHOCOLATE MILK
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Description: Hey there and welcome! I was tired of not knowing how my clients were connected to the internet.
So, I made this!

It's compatible with just about every modern windows system.

There's a file written entirely in batch to maintain compatibility between systems.

It makes use of the Netsh command to gather adapter information. Some of this info varies from PC to PC. Lines 10 and 11 in the BAT file show the replacement values.

10>Set wired=Ethernet

11>Set wireless=Wi-Fi

You can change these values after the "=" to anything you want. Just remember to use quotes if you add a space.

I have added a line to find these strings in the bat file. It's on lines 16 and 19

16 >for /f "delims=" %%h in ('echo %%b ^| findstr "Embedded NIC Local Area"') do (

19> for /f "delims=" %%h in ('echo %%b ^| findstr "Wireless"') do (

To update this file to find more or different values. Just adjust the words in the quotes and leave a space between each word.

Just save the bat file with the original name and upload it to the Agent Procedure tab again. It overwrites every time.

The Policy bundled with this procedure runs every 30 minutes. You need to Add the Custom Field after import to get the benefits of the procedure.

Download and unzip the folder below to get another copy of the instructions, the bat file, and the Policy/Procedure import.


  1. Open VSA
  2. Go to SYSTEM
  3. Go to Server Management
  4. Go to Import Center
  5. Click "New Import"
  6. Summary Name: Get-NetAdapter Types
  7. Click Browse
  8. Navigate to the XML file titled "Audit_Windows_Systems_Custom_Field_Get_Network_Type.xml"
  9. Click Process
  10. Once imported go to Audit
  11. Go to View Individual Data
  12. Go to Machine Summary
  13. Click on "New Custom Field"
  14. I named it "Network Connection Type". You can name this what you want, but you need to update the Procedure to find the new value.
  15. Click Save
  16. Go to Agent Procedures
  17. Click "Manage Files"
  18. Click "Shared Files"
  19. Click and drag (straight from the zipped folder) or click "Upload a file" (if clicking here go to a.)
    a. Navigate to the bat file included in the zipped folder. "GetBatchNetAdapter.bat"
    b. Click Open
  20. Close the Manage Files Stored On Server window.
  21. Adjust your view to the scope of computers you want to run this procedure on.
  22. Expand "Shared"
  23. Expand "Agent Procedures - In Production"
  24. Click "Audit - Windows Systems - Custom Feild - Get Network Type"
  25. Select Agents to run the procedure on
  26. Click Run Now or Schedule the task
  27. Click Submit
  28. Click Yes
  29. Go to Agent
  30. Either click "column sets" or click the arrow on a column title to get the Columns drop down.
  31. Click edit or new
  32. Find "Network Connection Type" in the left column (should be the last "available" value) and hit the > symbol to move it over into your Selected Columns.
  33. Click Save
  34. Now you should see a list of mostly Wi-Fi and Ethernet, sometimes both, in the column you just added.

35. Go to Policy Management
36. Go to Configure
37. Go to Policies
38. Expand "Policies"
39. Expand "Global Policies - In Production
40. Click "Get Network Adapter Info - CF"
41. From here you can adjust the schedule and scope of the info being gathered. Default value on install is every 30 minutes applied to "Global Org" in "Assigned Machine Groups."