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Audit Monitor Name (Manufacturer and Model)

[email protected] Member HALF CAF
edited June 20 in Solutions

Product Name: Audit Monitor Name (Manufacturer and Model)

Version: 1.0

Description : This Agent Procedure get a list of monitors, is select the manufacturer and model as a oneliner throught a PowerShell script.

PowerShell Script:
The script begins to get a list of monitors. It then gets all of the neccassry data from each monitor object and converts and cleans the data and places it in a custom PSObject. It then adds the data to an array and convert this to a String to get pick up by the RMM product. At the end the string is displayed.

Short Description: Get the Monitor Manufacturer and Model (Example: Samsung C27F591, Samsung) or (HP E241i, HP E241i)
Kaseya Customer Value: Audit, Complaince, Support and Troubleshooting
End user value: Productivity, Compliance and Auditing.

1) Custom Field 'Monitor Name'

Instructions :

1. Create a Custom Field with the name 'Monitor Name' in Kaseya VSA > Kaseya VSA > Audit > Machine Summary > New Custom Field (String)

2. Import the agent procedure "XML files" into Kaseya VSA > Agent Procedures.

3. Upload "Get-Monitor.ps1" to your Kaseya Shared Files Folder as Choice.

4) Edit the following Lines in the script:

  • Line 13 - The location of the uploaded PowerShell Script 'Get-Monitor.ps1'
  • Line 19 - The created Custom Field 'Monitor Name' as in step (1)

If you have any questions please let me know.


  • Rob S
    edited December 2020

    What about for devices that have multiple monitors?

  • dhaval@cloudit-uk.com
    edited January 2021

    well it works for at least those that have one monitor, will tinker around with Powershell Script to see if it can get info on multiple monitors