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Export WiFi History

Renzo Patricio Carpio
edited January 24 in Solutions

Product Name: Export WiFi History

Version: 1

Description : This is an agent procedure that silently downloads NirSoft's WiFiHistoryView utility, runs it and saves the results on a CSV file on the GetFile area.
This CSV file can be helpful in troubleshooting wireless issues reported by the customer.

Instructions :

  1. Upload the WiFiHostoryView.exe file into your VSA files.
  2. Import the agent procedure into your VSA.
  3. Make sure you point to the correct source in your VSA on step 7 to download the utility into the agents.
  4. After running the script, recover the results on the Get Files section of each agent.


  • Jokovich
    Jokovich Member CHOCOLATE MILK
    edited February 2021

    I think this is an interesting utility, I'm downloading, I'll be testing soon.

  • Renzo Patricio Carpio
    edited February 2021

    Thank you Jokovich. I am working on the same utility, but using PowerShell to grab the WiFi events instead of using the Nirsoft utility. I have seen cases when AV detects Nirsoft utilities as PUA.