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Set Static IP

Kaseya Automation Team
Kaseya Automation Team USMember, Kaseya Certified CHOCOLATE MILK
edited January 24 in Solutions

Product Name: Set Static IP

Description : This Agent procedures helps to switch the network NIC to static IP. Archive contains Agent Procedure file and
folder with PowerShell script:
Set-StaticIP.ps1– This script runs on the target machine and Sets static IP
Script will send result of execution into Agent Procedure Log and indicate success or failure.

Instructions :

Please see attached pdf for install instructions


  • Caleb Brown
    Caleb Brown Member
    edited June 2021

    probably doing it wrong...but everytime I try and upload a .ps1 script file it fails.  I can zip the file and upload it....but then have to waste time editing the script to unzip then run.

    Anyone else having issues uploading files in the "Manage Files" section in VSA?