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Alert for change of DNS servers

jonathan Member CHOCOLATE MILK

I'm trying to come up with a way to pull the DNS servers from the agent, compare them to what they should be and then alert me if they are changed. I was going to do this with a procedure and powershell but I keep having issues with it. Does anyone have anything that does this? I would think a type of alert could be setup, but I have yet to find a way to do it.

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  • CAmori
    CAmori Washington DC areaMember CHOCOLATE MILK

    Jonathan, would you just want to be notified on any change? What about WFH? Might be tough if people are in the field. We have been doing some stuff with Local and AD admin changes, and just came up with one for Host file changes, so DNS wouldn't be far off to do.

    Chris A.

  • jonathan
    jonathan Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    Ideally, we'd be notified when a DNS server has been manually added to the ip configuration and we'd ignore the ones given via DHCP. This would alert us to those that are trying to circumvent the DNS server settings and would allow us to issue appropriate warnings. I thought about waiting for the eventID to trigger an alert, but I have yet to find the eventID that would be associated with an addition of another DNS server IP address.