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Polling for Patch Management Status

Benjamin Baker
Benjamin Baker Wilmington, NCMember CHOCOLATE MILK

I'm getting a ton of residual files left from other management systems, stuff from GPOs (in one case the DC failed) and occasionally the generation of ptchscn2.xml doesn't work. But almost universally patching fails. I can set a Windows update policy in some cases, doesn't seem to make a difference.

I know in the cases of ptchscn2.xml failure this might not work, but would it be possible to poll machines for the status of Windows Update/Patch Management? At least then we'd have a place to start when coming on to a new site.

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  • CAmori
    CAmori Washington DC areaMember CHOCOLATE MILK

    @Benjamin Baker This usually comes down to "What would you do manually", and then automating that. If you can provide the commands, we can script it!


    Virutal Administrator