Remove user from local admin and change his password

Johan Bester
Johan Bester Member CHOCOLATE MILK

A client of ours the user has taken the laptop, they want him to return it but for time being requested if we can change the password and remove him from the local administrator account.

He only goes on at night/strange hours otherwise I would do it with CMD myself.

Any idea for a procedure which I can run so once his turns it on it does everything and then lock/restart the pc

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  • Tom Fehlberg
    Tom Fehlberg Outer Banks of North CarolinaMember, Managed Service Provider DECAF

    Write the script you would do in the CMD just do it one line at a time in the script and have it set to run now ... then it will run the next time the machine checks in (goes online) make sure to run the command line stuff as administrator too !!!

  • Johan Bester
    Johan Bester Member CHOCOLATE MILK

    Worked great thnx